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  • To Put It Simply....Mag Rocks

    To Put It Simply....Mag Rocks

    If I had to choose one supplement as my favorite, magnesium would be the one!! I first learned about the benefits of Mag around 2004 and I have been taking it ever since! Magnesium is a co-factor in over 300 enzymatic reactions in the human body and also one of the most common deficiencies! It is necessary for the transmission of nerve impulses, muscular activity, heart function, temperature regulation, detoxification reactions, formation of healthy bones and improving insulin sensitivity. Virtually every body system throughout the body relies on magnesium. Magnesium comes in many different forms. A common, and cheap form of mag is magnesium oxide. Mag Oxide is a low quality ....

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  • Protein on The Go!

    Let’s face it….Most of us have SUPER busy schedules, so preparing five to six meals per day can be somewhat overwhelming. At this past nutrition seminar, we cleared up some confusion about nuts, and about what is and what isn’t a complete protein source. While nuts do contain protein, they are not to be considered a complete protein source. Nuts in general contain more healthy fat than protein. (ie. Almonds average about 14 g. of fat and 6 g. of protein). So while it is still a great healthy snack and provides beneficial fat, they should not be considered your source for protein. The following is a sampling of some more convenient sources of protein you can keep with ....

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  • A Rainbow of Risks? Yet ONE MORE reason to avoid processed foods

    With everything blooming, it’s such a nice change of pace to see all the colors around us! Where colors (artificial colors anyway) may not belong is in what we eat. The empty calories and high fructose corn syrup may not be the only bad guys in sodas, candies, and even in the so-called “healthy” foods. Almost all processed foods contain some sort of artificial dye…for no other reason than simply to lure us into eating/drinking it. Over 15 MILLION pounds of artificial food dyes are added to foods EACH year! That is FIVE times higher than in 1955. The reasoning for this is that food and beverage companies are marketing toward children. [I’m surprised they ....

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  • Buying Local!

    Not sure where to buy locak or organic products. Check out this list of local farms and farmers markets. The following is a list of local farms that participate in CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Eden Acres, LLC (www.edenheirlooms.com) offers a wide selection of organic produce Maple Morning Farm (www.maplemorningfarm.com) offers a variety of produce as well as organic chicken, pork, beef, and eggs. Ashbourne Farms (www.ashbournefarms.com) offers organic eggs, beef and pork. Courtney Farms, LLC (www.courtneyfarmscsa.com) offers a large selection of produce as well as organic chicken, beef, pork, and eggs. Harned Ranch Co., LLC (www.harnedranchbeef.com) offers a large ....

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  • Wheel of Color: Green is Good!

    Did you know that the color of the fruit or vegetable you are eating can indicate some of the nutrients/minerals it contains? Let’s take a look at the largest color category first. A sampling of the largest color group includes the following Green Fruits and Vegetables: Think back to high school biology…what do you recall is one of the first things that green plants contain? Know? Chlorophyll. Although it isn’t as glorified as some of the other nutrients, chlorophyll has a RAINBOW of health benefits. In fact, it has so many that instead of listing them all, I’ll just refer to a website that lists their many benefits. ....

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  • You Don’t Deserve This!

    You walk into a Shoe Store and request a size 8. The associate says I’m sorry, we only carry one size shoe and it’s a size 10, even though it’s a few sizes too big we’d love to make that work for you. . .How does that sound? You walk into Car Lot with your 3 Children and Spouse and request to look at some SUV’s. The salesperson says, I’m sorry, we only have 2 seat sports cars, we’d love to cram you into one. . .How does that sound? But. . .we need this! These scenario’s sound absurd. . .However, you walk into a Gym and you get crammed into a cookie cutter workout, much like the car and shoe, it does NOT fit you or your ....

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  • Why we are The BEST!

    So, how can we get You what You want? Well, Results by Design Fitness offers a scientific alternative. We get faster results. We get better results. Using the application of science, our Training Services and Culture are unmatchable. Where else, can you get a thorough assessment, individualized programs, semi-private coaching, unlimited access to Metabolic Acceleration Classes, unlimited Fitness Center use along with Nutritional Strategies, all in a place that feels like Home? Let us share with you how we develop a customized approach to fitness, health, physique enhancement and well being. 1.) Body Blueprint: Before we take you through a workout, we first want to take the time to ....

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  • The Nonsense that is. . .Body by Vi

    As a local Fitness Professional, I feel in part responsible to educate and inform our community about such nonsense. It’s unfortunate that true expertise in the fitness industry is devolving day by day due to companies that prey on the unfortunate and uneducated with false hope. Everyday there is a new miracle pill, workout or gadget that makes ridiculous claims – Enough Already! Here are my Top 10 reasons NOT to invest in Body by Vi. 1.) It’s a Micro Trend: Body by Vi is going to come and go like any other “Micro-Trend” in the fitness industry, but while it’s here, be an educated consumer. Micro Trends have a very slow build up, then they ....

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