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Members Only Challenge

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Members Only Challenge

Hey RXD VIPS we are super excited to kick off our "Members Only" TNT Fall Challenge in a few weeks, Sept 5th - 15th (Rolling Start).

This will be our last Challenge of 2023, and there is no better time than our challenges to regroup and refocus on your exercise and nutrition goals.

For many, the ability to maintain a healthy weight year round is dependent upon these Challenges.

For others, coming off summer break and wonky work schedules, this is the Challenge needed to regain structure and put themselves back in control.

After 13 years all we can say is THEY WORK!

We would love to have all of you guys participate in our program, as we know first hand the power of a like minded community - It Changes Peoples Lives!
The complete details on this 8 week Members Only Challenge is below, but since this is our 13th year of running Challenges, I wanted to give you 13 reasons why you should consider the TNT Program.
1. A spirit of friendly competition can bring out determination and staying power you never knew you had. . .
2. You are more likely to follow through on your goals if you take this major commitment and give yourself some concrete achievements to works toward. . .
3. You will form healthy habits after these 8 weeks. A place will be made in your schedule, in your life, it’s what you expect to do everyday–it’s part of the plan - a habit. From there, success!
4. Committing to a team or even one other person to do something on a regular basis gives you a sense of accountability, and accountability is a very good thing in your get-fit, fat loss journey.
5. You have goals, and goal setting is an important part of any weight-loss challenge because it gives you milestones, small accomplishments to celebrate along the way, and who couldn’t use some positive reinforcement when they’re really working hard to make changes in life?
6. You'll sharpen your skills - You’ll get a variety of new tools for the tool box, so that when the challenge is over, you can keep building, keep the momentum going, instead of stalling out when your routine starts to feels stale and uninspiring.
7. It's FUN. There’s a sense of excitement as you and your fellow competitors embark on this journey! You’ll build camaraderie with people and form new relationships.
8. You'll be encouraged and lifted up by all those friends you’ll find in the trenches. When you think it’s just too hard, you don’t have time, you’re too tired, etc. Those people will be your biggest cheerleaders!
9. You’ll be healthier - And really, isn’t that what this is all about? With health comes a sense of well being and lessening of stress.
10. Your Mood Will Thank You - With all the endorphins and your newfound RxD friends, you’ll be feeling a lot better. A solid work out helps with positive thinking, problem-solving, and patience.
11. Celebrate YOURSELF! I’m sure you often put others before yourself. But it is good to be selfish about your health, trust me! Without good health you can’t help your family, children or friends.
12. When it’s all over, you’ll have such a feeling of accomplishment. You did it! You stayed the course, worked harder than you thought you could, lost weight and took a big step toward a healthier future. What could be better than that?!
13. Takes the guesswork out of exercise and weight loss. Gives you great results.


Everyone must complete their initial weigh-in at Results by Design Fitness by Friday, September 15th (no weigh-ins after Sept. 15th). You’ll be required to attend weigh-ins every week in order to qualify for the Team Prizes. Final weigh-ins will occur between October 23rd – 27th (no final weigh-ins after Oct. 27th). We’ll celebrate everyone’s success and write checks to the Winning Teams. We need at least 15 teams to register by September 15, 2023 in order to award the Prize Money. So gather your friends and family members who are ready to start their journey and register today!
You can pick up registration forms at the gym. If you prefer, email info@resultsbydesignfitness.com and we'll email them to you.

TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE The RxD member entry fee to participate in the challenge is only $97. In addition to all your member benefits, you’ll automatically qualify for the $1,700 Prize Money and receive the following as part of your package: • Group emails from your AWESOME Fitness Coaches. • RxD Nutritional Journal to track your nutrition. • A chance to walk away with a better body and up to $1,700!
CHALLENGE RULES • Three (3) people per team. • Each Team of 3 that loses the most total pounds between September 5th – September 30th will win $300. • Each Team of 3 losing the most total pounds between September 30th – October 27th will win $300. • The Team of 3 losing the most overall total pounds between September 5th – October 27th will win $600. • The Female losing the most total pounds between September 5th – October 27th will win $250. • The Male losing the most total pounds between September 5th – October 27th will win $250. • The beginning weigh-in must be between September 5th and September 15th (no weigh-ins after September 15th). • The final weigh-in must be done between October 23rd – 27th.
September 5th – September 15th Rolling Start (Initial Weigh-In and Body Comp)
September 25th – September 29th (Weigh-In and Body Comp $300 Pay Out)
October 9th – October 13th (Weigh-In only)

October 23rd – October 27th (Final Weigh-In and Body Comp $300 Pay Out)

We Are Stronger Together at Results by Design Fitness!

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