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Let’s face it….Most of us have SUPER busy schedules, so preparing five to six meals per day can be somewhat overwhelming. At this past nutrition seminar, we cleared up some confusion about nuts, and about what is and what isn’t a complete protein source. While nuts do contain protein, they are not to be considered a complete protein source. Nuts in general contain more healthy fat than protein. (ie. Almonds average about 14 g. of fat and 6 g. of protein). So while it is still a great healthy snack and provides beneficial fat, they should not be considered your source for protein.

The following is a sampling of some more convenient sources of protein you can keep with you while you are on the go or at work.

Hard boild eggs

pre-cooked chicken strips/chunks

pre-packaged smoke salmon

pre-cooked meals such as Meal Movement

turkey bacon

pre-cooked steak strips


pre-packaged / pre-cooked tuna (it also comes in various seasonings)

canned / pre-cooked tuna (if you have a can opener with you)

protein bars

protein shakes

edamame (remember with this food to look for GMO-free or Non-GMO. This is one that is frequently genetically engineered)

**Remember….not all of this will be available in organic options, but most will be. Check out your local fresh market, whole foods, rainbow blossom, etc. Most grocery stores also have organic options, though they are more limited.**

If you are out and about and have nothing with you, you can always stop by a restaurant. Almost all of them have options you can take advantage of without falling off your plan. (ie. grilled chicken and a salad or veggies, a burger with no bun and broccoli…and no…fries do not count as a veggie 😉 ).

Another great way to make sure you have your protein with you is to prepare a cooler each night and stock it full of healthy foods you will need throughout the day. You can keep it in the car with you so you always have a plan and don’t succumb to unhealthier choices. If you don’t have that kind of time or motivation each night, a great option is to prepare your healthy meals for the week on the weekend. (chop up your veggies and fruits, cook some chicken or other types of meat, and boil some eggs, etc).

Remember this quote “If you fail to Plan, you Plan to Fail.”

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