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You walk into a Shoe Store and request a size 8. The associate says I’m sorry, we only carry one size shoe and it’s a size 10, even though it’s a few sizes too big we’d love to make that work for you. . .How does that sound?

You walk into Car Lot with your 3 Children and Spouse and request to look at some SUV’s. The salesperson says, I’m sorry, we only have 2 seat sports cars, we’d love to cram you into one. . .How does that sound?

But. . .we need this!

These scenario’s sound absurd. . .However, you walk into a Gym and you get crammed into a cookie cutter workout, much like the car and shoe, it does NOT fit you or your needs.


In the first two scenario’s, the customer would question the competency of the sales associates, because they can’t provide the specific needs they requested. Only at random will a Size 10 shoe fit and only at random will a 2 seat sports car work for individuals. However, Personal Trainers everywhere are offering this same thought process, and they too should questioned. Offering one size fits all Programs has the same logic as the Shoe and Car Salesman, it’s faulty thinking and will not work for 99% of the population.

Let me explain why:

At Results by Design Fitness we have scientifically designed programs to get you in the best shape of your life in the shortest time and safely as possible. We do not offer a “cookie cutter” approach to fitness because we know a size 10 shoe doesn’t fit everyone and not every person is looking for a 2 seater sports car! We offer customized program for several reasons and we’d love to explain why!

Take 5 people you know and look at how they are built. Every person is built a little bit different and we all have certain strengths and weaknesses. When we perform our Movement Assessment with every new member, we identify those differences that make us unique! We all perform certain movements like squatting, pushing and pulling, however each person performs these movements a little differently. Since our goal is to Change the Way Fitness is Done, we analyze just how differently each person moves and use this information to prescribe very specific exercises that will help you reach your goal quickly! We know that clients reach their goals faster once their bodies are symmetrical and movement is maximized. It’s similar to a car; when a car is properly tuned, has good tires and is aligned, it gets the best gas mileage. This is much like the human body, when we focus on having the body pain free and symmetrical, fitness goals are much easier attained.

Once we complete the Movement Screen, our approach is to specify mobility and/or stability exercises that directly improves movement. Once the body is back in balance, you can exercise safely and intensely, reaching your fitness goals faster than someone who used a “cookie cutter” approach, in which imbalances were ignored because you were never assessed. Remember, “if we are not assessing, we are guessing.”

At Results by Design Fitness we look very closely at each individual and what makes them unique. With that information, we create an absolute unique program that safely zeros in on the areas that need to be improved. Just as not every person wears the same size shoe, not every program is exactly the same. Therefore, doing a “cookie cutter” approach with fitness is NOT an optimal way to get to your goals!

If you want a Fitness Professional to make a Program that’s made for you instead of being crammed into a generic program, then Results by Design Fitness is your Ticket!

We Are Stronger Together at Results by Design Fitness!

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