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The Nonsense that is. . .Body by Vi

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As a local Fitness Professional, I feel in part responsible to educate and inform our community about such nonsense. It’s unfortunate that true expertise in the fitness industry is devolving day by day due to companies that prey on the unfortunate and uneducated with false hope. Everyday there is a new miracle pill, workout or gadget that makes ridiculous claims – Enough Already!

Here are my Top 10 reasons NOT to invest in Body by Vi.

1.) It’s a Micro Trend: Body by Vi is going to come and go like any other “Micro-Trend” in the fitness industry, but while it’s here, be an educated consumer. Micro Trends have a very slow build up, then they are all the craze for a short period of time, thereafter they fall off the face of the earth while the originator of the product is on the beach with a fruity drink saying, Thank YOU 🙂 Micro-Trends have extremely clever marketing and Visalus has some of the best marketing I’ve ever seen. Have you heard of Bowflex, or Tae Bo, or (Insert Infomercial). Slow build, got crazy hot and sizzled out. . .Don’t get burned!

2.) Source and Origin of the Product: In 2005, Body by Vi was started by three very smart guys, however, these guys are MARKETING geniuses. That should tell you something right there. Visalus is truly a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company, which is fine, but would you buy a car from Fruit of the Loom? Of course not, you would buy a Ford, Chevy, etc, because these manufacturers make CARS, and have a long-term reputable reputation. The source of the product and the reason it was created is one of my major issues because it’s obviously 100% money driven. Because it is designed primarily as an income opportunity, the product uses low quality ingredients in order to keep the costs down and the profits up.

3.) Don’t buy a Cubic Zirconia when you can have a Diamond: Yes, there IS a huge benefit in getting “weight loss support” from a group for 90 days. I know NOT getting support can be a factor for many people not succeeding. There are a few reputable companies that offer support, challenges, fitness coaching along with nutrition coaching such as: http://www.precisionnutrition.com/products/consultation-coaching.

They have a legit team of Fitness Experts. I would strongly recommend getting support from someone who is qualified to do so and has your long term health in mind and not a quick fix that will fill their pocket. You need someone who will give you a clear map to reach your goals and not a temporary detour.

4.) The Protein is from SOY: Listen, the FDA, yes the FDA who allows everything to creep into our food even denied GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) to Soy Protein Isolate. The very first ingredient in your shake is Soy Protein Isolate. Soy is the cheapest available protein available today, and for good reason. I’m also well aware that Visalus has removed the dangerous Isoflavones from the Soy. Visalus says, we have ‘processed’ our Soy and removed the dangerous Isoflavones so that is not an issue. Ok, you PROCESSED a food and it’s now safe! C’mon, besides most Soy is processed using Hexane which is a neurotoxic petrochemical. Even if it’s not processed via Hexane, the processing of soy also makes it a less than desirable food item since the process involves chemicals, such as aluminum, high heat and pressure, robbing it of nutrients it ‘may’ have had. The high temperature denatures the protein so that it is virtually useless as a protein source. All I ask is to do your homework and if you don’t believe me, read The Whole Soy Story by Dr. Kaayla Daniel – I think you’ll be blown away J Needless to say, I would not recommend Soy Protein Isolate for anyone looking to feel better, look better or perform better.

5.) Your Rising Star Qualifications: Here is where it gets interesting. You are ingesting something that someone recommends to you who has NO, I mean literally NO knowledge of the product they are selling. If they did, trust me, they would not recommend the product to you. They did NOT find the product appealing, they found the Compensation Plan appealing. Makes you wonder why ‘now-all of a sudden’ these people are offering you a product. . .?

To become a Body by Vi distributor, or Visalus promoter, you simply decide which distributor package you’d like to start with and Join The Body by Vi Challenge – That sounds reassuring. It’s usually someone who has a nice body themselves, or someone who is really popular. If they truly want to help people, earn a College Degree in Physiology, Dietetics or related Health field, and provide real solutions. It kind of reminds me of the Shake Weight commercial, the two models demonstrating the Shake Weight have tremendous physiques, but. . .

6.) One Size Fits All: Let’s take a High Level Athlete, an Over Weight Client, and an Elderly Client. These three clients are distinct entities, are you are really going to instruct all three to do the 90-Day challenge? How does that make any sense at all? One size does not fit all and if you are buying from a Distributor, they are making money off you and if you are paying them, you might as well pay a Fitness Professional to analyze what you truly need and devise a specific plan.

7.) Sugar Nutra Cookie: I had to look at the Visalus Nutra-Cookies. These “Nutra-Cookies” have more SUGAR than they do Protein. They also contain Gluten. . .Really, no need to write anything more on this topic.

8.) 90-Day Challenge: Just think if you did Body by Vi challenge along with P90X. Holy Smokes, would you be sexy! I’m just kidding. . .However, I do think challenges can provide extra motivation to make healthier lifestyle choices. What’s going to happen at day 91?

10.) “Jon Doe” did it and s/he lost weight: You aren’t “John Doe.” Someone wins the lottery on pretty regular basis, however it’s probably not going to be you. If you are hitting the lottery by using Visalus, and feeling better than ever, then keep doing what’s working for you. My point is, like the Lottery with millions involved in the Visalus program, I would say the success rate is extremely low.

Sadly these days marketing has more power and rules over expertise. In closing, I’m just passionate about helping people make smart decisions about their health and Visalus raises some red flags for me.

You are not my science experiment and my integrity is NOT for sale!

~Matt Thoma

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