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When was the last time you wanted to write a letter like these to your fitness facility? Below are some remarkable testimonials from some of our clients who were once sitting where you are now. Is RxD for you?

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Testimonial from Rose


In January 2013 I was the heaviest I have ever weighed. I did not like the way I looked or felt and was very frustrated at myself. I had gone from leading a very active lifestyle to letting "life" just happen and neglected my physical well being. I knew I had to make a change immediately as I did not like where I was at. RxD gave me the plan and support I needed to reach my goals. I have never got the results I have achieved at any other gym I have been to or by adhering to a very strict running regiment. My favorite thing about RxD is they make working out fun and they have created a very welcoming, warm environment. I have also made many great friends at RxD! Scott and Matt really care about each client individually and truly encourage them achieve their fitness goals.

Testimonial from Jennifer


I reached a point in my life where I needed something different, something to push me, and something I enjoyed but didn't take too much time. I also needed accountability. My friend, Judy Shackleton told me about Results by Design Fitness and invited me to try it out.

So I joined in January of 2013 with a goal to improve my overall health & fitness - and of course to lose some weight! The rest is history. . .

I achieved all of these things at RxD! I'm seeing results I like and I've enjoyed the journey. I feel great and have much more energy. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a class or push myself to my limit. I love the trainers and people I work out with.

My most memorable moment came when I could fit into a size 6 Jeans! :) My goal moving forward is to maintain and embrace my Health & Fitness. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise with me and the rest of us. I love working out with you all! :)

Testimonial from Kevin


I had been struggling with my weight for some time, and finally decided to buckle down and get it under control. I arrived at Results by Design weighing 260lbs with a goal of improving my general health and strength, while also losing weight. Over the course a year, I did just that. I currently weigh 190lbs. My favorite thing about RxD is the mentoring that is provided. I have never been in good physical shape, so their mentoring helps get me achieve my goals, and keeps me safe while I achieve them. My most memorable moment training with RxD was when I broke below 200lbs for the first time since High School.

Testimonial from Andrea


I was about to turn 40 years old, weighed 300 pounds, and was completely miserable...I'd had enough of living life as an overweight person. I met with Scott and Matt of Results by Design Fitness who designed a workout program for me and taught me how to exercise and eat right. They not only helped me learn the machines and weights, they taught me how to change the way I eat and think about food. My journey continues and it has definitely not been easy. But every bit of this journey has been completely worth it - - I'm so much stronger and healthier but mostly I'm just a lot happier! I feel so much better physically and mentally and I now know that if I set my mind to do something it CAN and WILL be accomplished.

Testimonial from Brian


I began my fitness journey weighing 282.2 LBS. After a few months of progress, I hit a plateau. At that point I reached out to Matt for assistance. Matt began taking my body fat percentage, designing my workouts, recommending supplements, and designing nutritional programs to help me achieve my goals. Most importantly, he helped me understand with the correct mentality, I could achieve whatever fitness goals I desired. With Matt's assistance, I've lost 70 lbs over the past 17 months, dropped four pants sizes and several shirt sizes, learned to eat in ways that support my goals, and gained more speed, strength, and endurance than I've ever had.

Testimonial from Chris


After training for 20 years, Scott gave me the tools (Program Design & Biosignature Plan) to help me achieve my all time best conditioning and physique! Thanks Scott, I could not have done it without your assistance. I'd recommend everyone to Results by Design Fitness to achieve their health & fitness goals!

Testimonial from Kelle


Matt is one of the brightest up and coming fitness professionals around. His workout plans really embrace the total body workout philosophy. It is hard work, but you see instant results. His workout plans will satisfy everyone from the power lifting enthusiast to the soccer mom who just wants to maintain. Since using Matt's workouts I have lost over 20 lbs and gone from a size 14 to size 8. The most important thing I have lost is feeling exhausted and worn out. Matt is very hands on. He will take time out of his busy schedule to make sure that the program works and your technique is accurate. Results!!!!!! That is what you can expect from Matt Thoma! Moreover, that is why I continue to use his programs!

Testimonial from Darryl


I've always been active in the gym and an all around athlete, playing D1 Football, but I was still overweight, weighing around 270 lbs at 6' 2". I've always been strong and had big muscles but I lacked definition, which became my immediate goal Matt asked me "How is your diet?" I said "what diet"? I asked for his suggestions and he told me I needed to eat 6 times a day on basically lean meats, veggies, healthy fats and see how much more I progress... In my mind, I was like yea right! In two weeks I dropped 8 lbs... Every since then I've tried to stick to Matt's advice. dropping 35lbs total and I'm maintaining my weight at 225 now, with a body fat of 13 - 14%...

Testimonial from Kathy


When I first met Scott I could tell that he took pride in every client he personally trained ... He balanced the perfect amount of weight training, cardio exercise, supplement use and put together a diet tailored to meet my needs. I learned to stop looking at the number on the scale and learned not to be afraid to lift weights and to lift heavy. I have gone from 22% body fat to 15%, and while the number on the scale went up my body fat continued to go down. I was becoming a leaner and more toned version of myself. I can't explain how good it feels to have a trainer like Scott. Let the journey begin...

Testimonial from Beau


Results by Design have positively changed my life. Due to the knowledge and professional training provide by world class personal trainers Scott Wilson and Matt Thoma, I've been able to transform my body into a lean, mean, fighting machine.

Testimonial from Christine


Testimonial from Jenn


I signed up to take 2 classes per week for 4 weeks. I was hoping to lose some of my post baby belly. I am very happy with the results after just 4 weeks of classes. The classes are fast paced and fun and I feel great afterward.

Testimonial from Nathan


Testimonial from Carla


I watched one of my best friends transform herself through the Results by Design Fitness program and thought I want to do that. I was a vegetarian who had always struggled somewhat with my weight. In the first month I lost approximately 1% of my body fat, so I asked Scott what I could do to loose faster. He said eat meat! So I did. In the second month I followed the program strictly. I lost a whopping 5% of my body fat! I was amazed. I feel good, plus I am looking good! My body feels better, I'm dropping pants sizes and the best benefit is that I'm not hungry. I have tried the only eating around 1200 calories per day diet and this just left me hungry and more likely to binge. I am much more satisfied now eating foods that are good for me. This program is the best investment I have ever made in myself!

Testimonial from Maggie


This is the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Testimonial from Liz


I was "Elliptical Elizabeth" walking 30-45 minutes four to five times each week. I would stretch and run through a Cybex machines circuit. I was bored and had hit a plateau on weight loss. Then I met Scott and Matt. I completed the BioSignature session and quickly had a change in my digestion, energy and sleep. I changed my diet to add more healthy protein sources. This fueled my new training sessions, two each week along with two cardio routines. A new program every six weeks keeps my muscles guessing as to what will be asked of them next. Now, completing my seventh month, I've seen improvements in lowering body fat, better posture, increasing core strength and overall strength. I used to dread the boring elliptical sessions, but now look forward to each designed training session with Scott or Matt, even if it involves the Airdyne. As a 54 year old female with a history of losing/regaining weight, I've kept my 35 pound weight loss off for over a year. I've had great results with Scott and Matt's designed overall fitness programs and highly recommend working with Results by Design Fitness.